Sunday, 13 July 2008

Nice article

Favourite quote

“Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself.”

- Walt Whitman

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Once upon a time, there lived a boy called chotu. People would always find him standing by the river looking deep into the sky and muttering some strange words. Some thought he is mad, some thought he is possessed and others were too busy to care. He went on chanting and humming and muttering day in and day out. Nobody knew where he came from, nobody knew his parents. He was found on the banks of the same river by the side of which he stands now everyday. Some cared enough to stop and ask him what he is doing. They did get an answer but they could'nt understand a word of it. Some good people provided him with food, some provided clothes. He never went hungry. He always had the option of going to temple for prasadam and shelter on a rainy day. Days went by, months gone and years started rolling. People got used to chotu as they get used to a light-pole along the street. One fine day chotu stopped talking. just like that. No humming, no muttering, no chanting. But he continued to stand by the side of the river looking into the sky. People found it quite strange.Many tried to talk to him but without any success. People even tried poking him, hurting him. He didnt utter even a single word though he was made to bleed by extremely enthusiastic crowd.Days,months and years passed by.People got used to his silence. and then... one fine day he stopped eating. He ignored the food in front of him. He stopped walking and stood by the river all the time. He even slept or appeared to be sleeping in the standing position. People got really worried. They offered special prayers. They tried to exorcise the devil out of chotu. Nothing worked. People got busy with their lives. And then... one fine day chotu disappeared. Some tried to search for him. But he was nowhere to be found. Few days later... River burst its banks for the first time in the last 100 years and the entire village was swept away in the floods. News spread like wild fire to all the nearby villages. Few days later a boy was found in a nearby village standing by the side of the river looking deep into the sky and muttering strange words